Individuals, Employers, Communities, Populations

Hospitals & Health Systems

Hospitals and health systems stand at the center of health and wellness as key drivers in expanding the use of preventive services, for a hospital’s own employees and the surrounding community. Our worksite wellness program for hospital employees is flexible and customizable and our solution adapts to all kinds of employees­–from those that don’t have daily access to computers, to desk sitters, remote workers, nursing staff, and others. Via our data-driven platform, we offer the right tools and assessments for a hospital's internal staff, as well as for those interested in our employer outreach (reseller) program.

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Health Plans, Payviders

Payviders and health plans need a "bolted-on" wellness solution for their members. Through single sign on, we offer your members a comprehensive solution, customizable for each plan level.

Benefit Consultants & Brokers

Employee benefit providers, brokers, TPAs, and EAPs are conduits to employers seeking to improve health and wellbeing, and reduce the risk of a worker's comp claim. We partner to provide the most effective results-oriented wellness plan employers need. 


Every employer's culture, health goals, and business objectives are unique. We tailor our wellness solution to your employee audiences, job functions, and job types. We "begin with the end" in mind when launching your health engagement platform and realize your top priorities include reducing your healthcare costs and running a profitable business, which require happy, healthy, and productive employees. We encourage self-funded employers to take advantage of our claims analytics and predictive modeling services.

Employer Outreach

Our employer outreach (reseller) program is for organizations interested in providing wellness and well-being to employers. Hospitals, TPAs, EAPs, ACOs, health plans, and payviders all want to connect with employers, offering health and prevention as well as other specialty services. We extend our exceptional service and wellness engagement platform to our outreach partners, including coaching, data and claims analytics, and employer and employee communications.

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Looking for just the right wellness app and online portal?

Looking for a stand-alone health engagement portal for your business? Look no further. Private-label the Orthus Health My Pathway to Health member portal and put your own coaches on our back-office Health Management System. We will help you implement and serve your employers as much or as little as you need. Call 800.550.2427 to learn more.

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