Clinical Oversight

Outcomes-based care for your employee population

Clinical Oversight with Know Your Number® & Claims Analytics


Orthus Health Services includes resources and tools for employers to help manage the health risks of their employee populations (prevent movers to higher risk levels), to help educate members in managing their own health, provide clinical support and care for members with complex conditions, as well as care coordination assistance and guidance in making the right medical decisions.

We work closely with employers to offer effective and custom clinical oversight programs to meet the objectives of their unique workforces.

Bundled Services and A La Carte Options

As per need, objectives, and budget

Disease Management Coaching

Primary care physician-inclusive with proactive coach outreach via telephone, onsite, secure communications via portal and app (e.g. diabetes, heart disease, heart failure, Hypertension, COPD, Asthma)

Health Management Programs

High-risk members benefit from chronic disease management coaching offered in tandem with lifestyle health coaching to help with behavior modification. 6-session health management programs are available options, including weight loss, tobacco cessation, cholesterol management, injury  prevention, and stress management, among others.

Case Management

Helping members understand their illness and guiding individuals and families in learning how to participate with clinical teams, in order to effectively follow treatment plans and reach the best possible outcomes

Utilization Management

Guiding members in using evidence-based treatments to enhance the effectiveness of care; help eliminate unnecessary tests, treatment, or expense; review medical necessity, and assist with drug utilization guidance

On-Site Biometric Screenings

Our on-site screening are managed by experienced staff phlebotomists and include a blood draw with A1c for every member.

Remote Wellness Screenings

Wellness services include a comprehensive review of Know Your Number® disease risk tracker results with a qualified RN consultant

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