Your Solution in One Source

Assess. Quantify. Measure.

Your solution in one data-driven platform, in one source. Our platform includes everything Benefits Consultants (and their employers), Employers (and their members), Resellers (and their clients), and Health Systems (and their communities) need to:

1)  Assess every individual's risk for chronic health conditions, 2)  Quantify future chronic diseases and costs due to "avoidable" risk, and 3)  Objectively measure the effectiveness of key initiatives designed to manage risk and alleviate healthcare cost burden.

Wellness & Wellbeing

Private-label HIPAA-compliant member portal in English & Spanish

Know Your Number® disease risk tracker
Physical Strength Risk Assessment™ 

OUTBOUND lifestyle coaching and health management programs

Fitness and UtiliFIT® Sedentary Disruption Challenges

Clinical Oversight

Disease Management Coaching

High-touch Mitigation Strategy for High Risk Members

Outcomes-based Interventions

Case Management

Utilization Management

Back-office Coaching Portal (for clients' coaches too!)

Full-time Spanish health coaching

Data & Claims Analytics

Population Health Management

Participation & Utilization Reports

Incentive Strategies & Plan Design

Claims & Predictive Modeling

Extensive Reporting:
Individual KYN Risk Reporting
Group Summary Employer Reports
Admin Portal (pull your own reports)
Population Health Management Claims Reports


We offer an unparalleled marketing program for resellers and an extensive employee communications package, from getting started to increasing participation and engagement, "keeping it fresh", and beyond. Materials may be customized with your program brand, logo, and audience-specific information.

Communications Highlights:
Employee Wellness Materials
Health-literacy focus
English & Spanish (standard)
Any type of format (social media, e-versions, ready-to-print)

Coach-led Webinars exclusively for members

Metrics & Insights

Metrics & Insights leverages evidence-based analytic tools and population-specific data to help employers and benefits consultants assess program effectiveness and objectively answer the question, "Is my company better or worse for our investment in programs to improve employee heath? How and Why?"

Metrics & Insights Highlights
Member KYN Scorecard
Aggregate KYN population Scorecard

Business Health Metrics:
Modifiable Risk Factors
Avoidable Diseases
Future Diseases and Costs
Cost Burden/Value

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