Health Coaching

Members find their balance through data-driven programs

Flexible OUTBOUND and inbound coaching

Health Coaching is a highly recommended service offered by Orthus Health. Our experienced health coaches use Intrinsic Methodology to guide members in bringing out their best thinking and setting their own goals. Once a member has completed their HRA and biometric screening, the portal generates a custom Personal Health Profile (PHP) which kicks off the health coaching process. Click here for Coaching FAQs.

Standard Coaching


We offer OUTBOUND and INBOUND telephonic health coaching, secure member-coach communications via our portal and mobile app, as well as a back-office platform to support a hospital's coaching staff. With our hospital clients, we provide both lifestyle, disease management , and exercise "prescription" coaching options. Coaching programs are tailored to employees' personal goals.


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Value-add health management programs


Injury and Disease Prevention

As weight increases, individuals lose muscular strength putting them at greater risk for injury due to slips, falls, and more. This program focuses on developing strength, flexibility, and endurance, and as a result of improved lean muscle mass. Coaches will guide members in proper exercise technique, and work with members on a program that interests, inspires, and delivers results. Members who also want to lose weight will be guided in doing so in a healthy manner based on their goals.

First5 Plus Fitness

First5 Plus Fitness combines the power of the highly effective SHS weight loss program with a 6-week walking challenge (fitness device strongly recommended). Employees see better results when they are engaged in consistent exercise as they lose weight, and these 2 programs in tandem get people energized and moving daily in a competitively friendly way.

Prediabetes Program

This health coaching program educates, helps reduce risk, identifies barriers, and supports members who have a fasting blood sugar reading that is higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed with diabetes. As prediabetes is a warning sign to individuals they may develop type 2 diabetes in the future, this program offers important preventive information and guidance. Program guide included.

Tobacco Cessation Program

The SHS Tobacco Cessation Program meets your employees wherever they are in the quitting process–from just thinking about it to almost there. Each health coach tailors the program to match an employee’s unique personality and learning style to help employees quit and stay tobacco free. Participants use interactive web tools, as well as phone and online coaching support. The reasons individuals have for quitting tobacco are as personal and unique as the reasons for starting in the first place. SHS health coaches are accommodating and flexible in working with employees in scheduling convenient times.

Prehypertension Program

The 6-session coaching program educates and supports members with blood pressure readings that are higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed with hypertension. The program explains pre-hypertension in a way that is easy to understand to get participants comfortable asking questions of their health care providers. Covering symptoms, risk factors and causes of the condition, the SHS pre-hypertension program focuses on healthy lifestyle changes that can help improve blood pressure readings. Program guide included.

Stress Management Program

Over the course of 6 sessions, participants address the source of their stress and learn coping strategies with the support of their dedicated SHS health coach to meet their stress-reduction goals. Stress impacts health in many ways, and while eliminating all stress from life is impossible, learning to recognize the signs and manage it is an important step to helping members prevent the negative effects on their health. Managing stress at work and making necessary lifestyle changes are an integral part of the program. Program guide included.

Cholesterol Management Program

Members will consider their risk factors associated with not having enough good cholesterol (HDL), as well as the impact of high bad cholesterol (LDL), and triglycerides.  This program is designed to educate on cholesterol, risk, eating a heart healthy diet, creating goals, and exercising to support members in lowering risk for certain chronic diseases and conditions.


Wellness Webinars


Orthus Health coaches deliver monthly 30-minute online webinars on a variety of health topics. These webinars are offered live at different times throughout the month, and all webinars are archived on the Orthus Health Youtube site. Many clients incentivize members for learning from these educational and energizing videos.

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