Know Your Number

Scientifically proven disease risk tracker

What is the likelihood your employees will develop chronic diseases that can be avoided?


Driven by a powerful, patented predictive technology, Know Your Number® (KYN) Disease Risk Tracker predicts the risk of chronic diseases, educating individuals, employers, and population health organizations as to how risk factors impact health (with particular attention paid to modifiable risk factors or those that can be improved with lifestyle changes). Know Your Number visually quantifies each dimension of employee risk for major chronic diseases that are significantly impacting your bottom line.

Empirically-based Synthesis Analysis™ (our predictive model upon which Know Your Number is based) enables us to continually update and include new disease risk factors to reflect the latest scientific and clinical research.

Below is sample data from a large employer group to demonstrate the number of new cases of disease that can be avoided with modifiable lifestyle changes. Risk factor contribution is weighted and ranked (above normal, borderline high, and extremely high).

The power of this data also lies in costs that can be avoided when new disease onset is avoided and disease progression halted. The costs of avoiding disease for 943 new cases is over $31 million dollars for this employer, broken out by disease and severity of risk. Know Your Number disease risk tracker is the predictive tool that provides these data calculations and insights. Click the link below the charts to download full aggregate employer report and view the true power of this exceptional disease risk assessment tool.

Improve Your Wellness Return on Investment with Know Your Number®

Providing the most accurate and comprehensive disease-specific risk information available (current risk, modifiable risk & relative risk), making it possible to identify the right people for the right programs at the right time.

Improve employee communication by providing actionable knowledge and a personalized road map for initiating the process of change.

When the physician is part of the preventive care process and communicate health risks, members act. Quantify the impact of each modifiable risk factor driving future disease and start seeing greater employee engagement and accountability.

Determine the number of people in a population that will be diagnosed with disease within the next five years and calculate the financial impact on an organization.

Measure avoidable future disease burden and costs and document individual and population change in disease risk. Objective measurements support population health initiatives and lead to the the ability to effectively quantify ROI.

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