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Avoid future disease and costs with weight loss today

Even a 5 lb. weight loss has impact


Have you ever considered the impact of a 5 lb. reduction in weight across your population? We often understate the impact of a small weight loss when we consider that 40% of adults in the U.S. are obese. However, every pound lost and not regained means something to our health, risk for disease, and our bottom lines (not just our bottoms)! Below, see how a just 5 lb. weight loss delivers results. You will be amazed.


We offer both short and long-term coach OUTREACH programs. First5 In A Box includes equipment (Fitbit fitness device, Fitbit smartscale, and tape measure).

First5 is a health coach-driven weight loss program with emphasis on behavior change and losing those first tough 5 pounds (typically 6 sessions in 6-8 weeks). Once the initial program is completed, members can opt-in for longer-term weight loss support. The program is flexible, based on each person's food preferences, dietary and nutritional requirements, medical constraints, triggers, personal goals, and more!

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All programs come with comprehensive INDIVIDUAL and AGGREGATE reporting to manage the health and COSTS of your population. And, employers and employees alike benefit from our weight loss communications campaigns, such as "I Promise 5".

First5 Delivers Results

Personalized programs meet employees where they are

First5 includes all the necessary elements for long-term sustainable weight loss: Know Your Number® disease risk tracking, coaching OUTREACH and support, program customization, program materials, equipment (optional), progress reporting, and followup support.

Following are proven results from employers who offered First5 for their workforces:




EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS: Convenience store employer had nearly a 10.5 lb. average weight loss per participant with the 6 session program. Of note also: 15 individuals moved down an obesity category, and 7 are no longer obese. With extended coaching support, one employee attained a normal weight.

How a 5 lb. weight loss reduces disease ONSET risk

Projected Number of AVOIDABLE new cases of disease

LOSE WEIGHT. AVOID DISEASE. We predicted how many new cases of diseases could be avoided with just a 5 lb. weight loss across one employer with a population of 14,400 lives. Prior to any weight loss, 700 new cases of diabetes could be avoided with lifestyle modification alone. With a 5 lb. weight loss (all other risk factors held constant) the number of avoidable new cases of diabetes now drops to 611 (an 11% difference). Across all diseases listed, our employer can reduce the number of new disease cases by 9% if the employee population loses only 5 lbs.


How a 5 lb. weight loss changes future COSTS

Projected cost savings across the population is over $3 million

LOSE WEIGHT. AVOID COSTS. Now we see how reducing disease burden translates to cost savings for our sample employer. The 11% reduction in avoidable cases of diabetes accounts for a projected savings of $2.2 million dollars. The costs that can be avoided across all diseases with just a 5 lb. workforce weight loss adds up to over $3 million dollar in projected savings.

Now, imagine the potential for disease and cost avoidance with even greater weight loss!


How a 5 lb. weight loss impacts RISK movers

Risk score movement from baseline Know Your Number to followup

It is also interesting to see how this 5 lb. weight loss impacts risk movers. 10% of our population that was in the “extremely high” risk group moved down to the “high” risk group (accounting for 1400 employees). Over 13% of those in the “high” risk category moved down to borderline high.

When risk is lowered, employers know their interventions are working and realize that claims cost reductions will soon follow. ROI is demonstrated next.


Getting Started

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