Communications, Marketing & Sales Tools, Community Outreach

Orthus Health has many resources to help you connect to your clients, members, communities, and other audiences. All communications are private-labelled and can be personalized with your preferred contact information. Communications and Resources vary widely, and include ready-to-print formats, flyers, posters, social media content, coach-driven online webinars, brief tips, success stories, smart messaging email campaigns, and more. We can customize any material, offer in English and Spanish, and develop new materials upon request.

Employee Communications

Template and Custom – from launch to growing engagement to keeping it fresh!

Coaching & Challenges

E-versions, ready-to-print, and social-media ready for every unique audience
Personal Health Profile, coaching launch

Personal Health Profile - customized with recommendations

Launches Coach-Member Engagement


Team Walking Challenges

Fun, engaging, and results-driven

Health Tips

Actionable Health Tips, Portal Optimization Tips, and UtiliFIT® Tips


What you need to know
Population Health

Preventing Movers

Sedentary Disruption

Data-driven Wellness

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